03 Jun 2021

Yes, we give you a short list of products. Regardless of whether it is small or large, crowded or single, make sure you have these 10 cleaning tools in your home. You can find almost the entire list in our Flora and Flosoft brands!.

A Good Sponge

It is a cleaning equipment that should always be in several pieces. While it can be a classic sponge, the abrasive side is more common now, especially for tackling dirty surfaces. You can also add sponge cloths or sponges that do not require soap to the list.

White Dusters

Cotton cloth or towels can be found almost everywhere. Auxiliaries that you can know when they are dirty and can be easily bleached and disinfected without spoiling…

Microfiber Cloths

If you need a more expert cleaning mode, a few are must-haves like white towels and microfiber cloths. Increases your cleaning power. Microfiber cloths can usually clean surfaces by themselves or with a little water; It does not leave scratches especially on windows and glass surfaces.

Yersil, Camsil

Here is one of the practical products that should be on the first list in every home; It is indispensable for keeping the showers free from moisture and mold. It helps you to easily clean small wet floors in the house. Glass cleaners, which are part of your cleaning routine, do great work on windows. If your wiper is not performing as well as it used to leave streaks, it’s also easy to replace it with an affordable new one.

Cleaning bucket, mop

A cleaning bucket is like a savior. You can store powder, liquid, many detergents, cleaning materials and equipment in it. With the help of a mop, you can also reach the cleaning that will make the whole floor smell nice. It is possible to extend the list, such as the rotary head, tablet version, 2 or 3 chambers.

Spray Bottle

These days, there may also be a special disinfectant prepared for COVID-19! But in normal times, you can only contribute to many cleanings with such a spray bottle. If you need to rinse something with water or are trying to make your own cleaner, spray bottles should be on hand.

Bathroom and Kitchen Brush

A sponge or cloth may not always do the trick; You need a brush to use it on difficult stains in places such as tiles, bathtubs, sinks. Especially a brush with hard bristles makes your job easier in the bathroom, pay attention to the ergonomic handle! If you do not want to touch your hands to dirty dishes with a sponge or cloth, specially produced brushes will come to your rescue. A brush is always necessary for the toilet, too.

Broom, Dustpan

If you have hard surfaces such as wood, tiles, laminate, you will need some equipment to clean them. Brooms and dustpans, which provide similar benefits on different floor types, will be of great use to you. For small dirt on the table and carpet, you can use small brushes and dustpans. If you have soil and grass gardens, you can benefit from longer-handled brushes and dustpans for them. Çetin Plastik is one of the leading manufacturers in this product group.


A good mop is required to remove dust from shoes at the entrance of the apartment. In the house, depending on the mobility, dust will have a tendency to collect in a short time. If you have children or pets, perhaps the need for a more specialized wet mop will also arise. Mats are one of the indispensable equipment in almost every home with their easy cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner

Do you have a home that doesn’t need a vacuum from handheld or large vacuum cleaners?

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