A long list for cleanliness and hygiene

Uncategorized 30 June 2021
Have you ever wondered; How many cleaning and hygiene products do you have in your home? How many cleaning tools, cleaning equipment are there?

10 Essential Cleaning Equipment That Every Home Should Have

Uncategorized 30 June 2021
Yes, we give you a short list of products. Regardless of whether it is small or large, crowded or single..

When was the toilet brush invented?

Uncategorized 30 June 2021
The toilet brush is one of the most important inventions of the cleaning world; it's one of the must-haves!

Practical cleaning solutions for all floors

Uncategorized 30 June 2021
A freshly mopped floor provides a sense of spaciousness and renewal; It is reassuring to be in a hygienically breathing environment.

How healthy are paper towels?

Uncategorized 30 June 2021
Among the methods of combating COVID 19, issues such as hand cleaning, healthy nutrition, strong immunity, regular nutrition, and providing a clean air environment come to the fore.

Regular wardrobes with colorful hangers

Uncategorized 7 July 2021
Flora Hangers, one of the simple equipment that keeps a wardrobe tidy. We can consider them at the top of the list.