29 Jun 2021

A freshly mopped floor provides a feeling of spaciousness and renewal; It is reassuring to be in a hygienically breathing environment. Although there are many alternatives to doing this; new generation cleaning mops, cleaning equipment make your job easier, and allow you to get a full cleaning according to your heart without getting tired.

It is useful to take a look at which mops and mats work better for laminated parquet, wood, tile, concrete, stone and marble or different floors.

First, when choosing a cleaning mop or mop, check the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of flooring specified, and choose manufacturers that use quality materials. Like making a longer-term investment; lighter and cheaper materials usually break easily after a few uses, need to be replaced after a short time, with your budget loss, unnecessary waste will be released to the environment.

Make sure there are mops or mats that are removable and machine washable!

New generation front water spray mops; Just like a steam iron, they deliver the contents containing pre-cleaning liquid to the surface to be wiped, while providing a clean area that dries easily after wiping. It is as easy and hygienic as wiping a bench with a damp cloth.

Spray mops are ideal for natural wood floors, which can deform over time, especially if too much water is applied due to excessive cleaning.

A quality spray mop is an effective way to clean regularly and consistently without leaving marks on the floor, it can also be used as a wall cleaner mop.

Add vinegar to the water to clean floors with mops and mops, and add a few drops of cleaning agent for a deeper clean. As for wall wiping, it would be better to choose special soap.

Centrifugal spin cleaning bucket and mop are suitable for wet and dry use. Thanks to the rotation system, the water in the mop can be easily transferred to the bucket. Thanks to the buckets with separate dirty water tanks, the floor is reached with clean water every time. Thanks to its compact swivel heads, corners and turning areas are easily accessible. Closest to a traditional mop in its way of working, the spin mop is used with a microfiber mop. The lightweight plastic microfiber mop heads attach easily to the extendable handles and are generally machine washable. The swivel feature means they can rotate 180 degrees for simple cleaning without leaving marks on the floor.

Magic tablet mops are one of the most convenient cleaning options; It is a new solution that can be reached at the most affordable prices. The tablet-shaped mop part leaves the dirty water in a separate part after each wiping by scanning method. After the mop comes into contact with clean water, it is scanned again and only the necessary moisture is obtained.

Although steam mops are not common in Turkey, they stand out as a solution for quick and easy cleaning without chemicals. Steam mops are said to be excellent for cleaning windows and glass, and are effective at killing bacteria, dust mites, and neutralizing pet odors. Boiling water in the reservoir is passed through the mop as steam to clean hard floors, glass and carpet. However, it should be taken into account that some users of these products leave the floor extremely wet after cleaning.

If you add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil to the cleaning buckets, you can get a wonderful ambient scent…

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