The magic tablet mop consists of 5 parts.
The head of the magic tablet mop consists of a microfiber cloth.
The design of the magic tablet mop is in a structure that will perform both the washing of the mop and the drying after washing.
The parts of the magic tablet mop can be assembled and apparted. It saves space.
The waste water and clean water can be moved in a single bucket with its double water tank without having to constantly change water.
The head of the mop can be cleaned without touching the dirty area with your hand in the cleaning section. Thus, the user will not be affected by the damage caused by harmful chemicals
The head of the mop can bent to the right and left, It is easy to clean under the bed and cabinet easily.
The magic tablet mop helps to minimize your assistive cleaning time at home, office etc..
You can clean even the most inaccessible places without getting tired of your back with its ergonomic design.
It is suitable for use in businesses, workplaces and institutions, especially in the houses.
It occupies less space in your home with its stylish, elegant, vertical and detachable design.

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