The Trendy storage box consists of two parts, the cover and the case with its 60-liter internal volume.
It allows use in different areas with it’s large interior volume.
The trendy storage case is designed to be used in every area of ​​your home with its stylish and elegant design.
You can store your dry food, nuts, phyllo etc. safely with it’s advance covers.
It is ideal with its cover design to protect our summer-winter clothes from moth and scientific damage in your wardrobes.
It will help you to collect your tools such as a help kit, fishing gear, socket set in your car in one place.
It is possible to safely transport foods and beverages that may spill or leak during intercity journeyswith Trendy storage box.
The trendy storage case will take up little space with its stackable lid structure.
It will adapt to any space where it is used with its stylish and vibrant colors.
It is Made of reliable hard plastic.

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Pieces in Box

Carton Dimensions
65.5X42.5X62 cm

Box Volume
0.172 m 3

Box Weight
13 kg


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 65.5 × 42.5 × 62 cm

Navy Blue – Yellow, Orange-Yellow, Pink-Light Pink

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