Regular wardrobes with colorful hangers

Let’s talk about wardrobes, which is one of the starting points of providing a peaceful environment at home. It usually stands out as an individual use area at home; and at least one half, if not the other half, is yours!

Every day, it must be opened and closed several times, and clothes are taken from it. It is also said that wardrobes reveal personality; mess, bad smells etc. or whether it is tidy, clean and ready for practical use is in your hands…

You can find the clothes you are looking for right away, arrange your bags, trousers, shirts, blouses; jackets or dresses in a systematic way;wardrobe arrangement options that will help you prepare easily; when you go somewhere and save you time are important. Hangers, one of the simple equipment that keeps a wardrobe tidy, no matter how big or small; Although in-cabinet organizer baskets, boxes and shelves are also considered together with the most needed helpers; we can consider them at the top of the list.

Every shirt, trousers, blouse, skirt, dress, tie, cardigan, jacket, coat; you can make the shawl and whatever else you can think of with hangers tidy, ironed, easily accessible and ventilated. Clothes hangers have a wooden look, wooden or as in the Çetin Plastik product list; It can be easily found in many places and markets that sell household goods with transparent or colorful options. Moreover, you can find colorful options for the little dresses of the little ones.

With these hangers, you can keep all your clothes clean in the closet separately; moreover, you can combine accessories such as ties and shawls together.

If you want to keep your clothes in order at all times; we recommend that you buy enough hangers. You can hang them one by one in a row and in certain categories to find the outfit you want; You can easily access it whenever you want.

We Recommended

Again, we recommended be to hang each outfit on a separate hanger, if possible. Hanging clothes on top of each other wastes your time trying to find the clothes you are looking for; crumples and carries odor.

Flora clothes hangers have easy-to-reach prices; colors that will keep your closet alive; It stands out with its dimensions that do not take up much space and you can easily use it in any wardrobe.

How healthy are paper towels?

“Among the methods of combating COVID 19, issues such as hand cleaning, healthy nutrition, strong immunity, regular nutrition, and providing a clean air environment come to the fore.
ıt is about to cease to be a matter of discussion that the personal hygiene of individuals, especially in crowded environments, directly affects other individuals in the place with the virus…”

Handwashing is one of the best and most effective ways to reduce the spread of germs, viruses or bacteria that cause any disease. Although the importance of washing hands frequently to stay healthy is obvious, according to research results; Some people can still go about their day without washing their hands even after a toilet!
Unfornutanetly the lack of consistent handwashing is not directly proportional to the development index of countries and an estimated 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands.

As a result, it is very important to implement a hand hygiene program that allows people to thoroughly wash and dry their hands.
Drying hands and preventing microbes from sticking to the body are as important as hand washing. Dry hands can be the critical final step of a handwashing procedure.
We can see that fixed cotton towels, which are among the methods of drying hands, are now only useful in family environments. There are 2 methods justify.

Paper towels and air dryers!

Paper Towels Are More Hygienic
Even after washing hands with soap and water, pathogens can remain on people’s hands. According to a study by Michigan State University; About 95 percent of adults do not wash long enough to thoroughly remove bacteria and viruses from their hands.
Drying hands with a paper towel can help destroy some of the pathogens justify on them.

Paper towels reduce the risk of pathogens spreading through the air, reducing the risk of contaminating nearby surfaces; trap pathogens and moisture in the user’s hands, which can then be disposed of in a near by trash can.

If users can reach to a paper towel practically, it will grew the habit of hand washing.
Anyone who leaves a public toilet or sink without drying their hands is at risk of spreading germs and cross-contamination in the space.
While searching for the answer to the question of how healthy paper towels are, one of the main complaints is the environmental concerns caused by paper waste, along with the benefits it provides. However, most paper towels are made from recyclable materials.
The paper towel dispensers with sensors can be a good solution for reduce the spread of germs. Thus, it is possible to avoid unnecessary towels.

Practical cleaning solutions for all floors

A freshly mopped floor provides a sense of spaciousness and renewal; It is reassuring to be in a hygienically breathing environment. lthough there are many alternatives to doing this; new generation cleaning mops, cleaning equipment make your job easier, and allow you to get a full cleaning according to your heart without getting tired.

It is useful to take a look at which mops work better on the laminated parquet, wood, tile, concrete, stone and marble or the different floors.
It is better to check the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of flooring specified, and choose manufacturers that use quality materials before chosing a cleaning mop. The lighter and cheaper materials usually break easily after a few uses, need to be replaced after a short time, with your budget loss, unnecessary waste will be released to the environment.

Make sure there are mops that are removable and machine washable!

The new generation front water spray mops deliver the contents containing pre-cleaning liquid to the surface to be wiped Just like an iron, while providing a clean area that dries easily after wiping. It is as easy and hygienic as wiping a bench with a wet cloth.
The spray mops are ideal for natural wood floors which can deform over time, especially if too much water is applied due to excessive cleaning
A quality spray mop is an effective way to clean regularly and consistently without leaving marks on the floor, it can also be used as a wall cleaner mop.

Add vinegar to the water is usefull to clean floors with mops and add a few drops is more usefull of cleaning material for a deeper cleaning. It would be better to choose a special soap for wall cleaning.

The spin cleaning bucket and mop are suitable for wet and dry use. The water in the mop can be easily transferred to the bucket with the rotation system. The floor is reached to clean water every time with the buckets with separate waste water container. The corners and turning areas are easily accessible with the compact swivel heads. The spin mop is used with a microfiber mop which is losest to a traditional mop. The lightweight plastic microfiber mop heads attach easily to the extendable handles and are generally machine washable. The swivel feature means they can rotate 180 degrees for simple cleaning without leaving marks on the floor.
Magic tablet mops are one of the most convenient cleaning options; It is a new solution that can be reached at the most affordable prices. The tablet-shaped mop part leaves the waste water in a separate part after each wiping by scanning method. After the mop comes into contact with clean water, it is brushed again to obtain only as much moisture as necessary.

The steam mops stand out as a solution for quick and easy cleaning without chemicals; are not common in Turkey. It is said that ”The steam mops are excellent for cleaning windows and glass, and are effective at killing bacteria, dust mites and neutralizing pet odors” by some people. The boiling water in the rtank is passed through the mop as steam to clean hard floors, glass and carpet.However, it should be taken care that some users of these products leave the floor extremely wet after cleaning.

If you add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil to the cleaning buckets, you can get a wonderful ambient scent.

When was the toilet brush invented?

The toilet brush is one of the most important inventions of the cleaning world; it’s one of the must-haves! The modern plastic version was invented by William C. Schopp in Huntington Park, California in 1932 and patented by the Addis Brush Company in 1933.

How are the toilet brushes, which are offered to the market under many names such as classic, luxury, toilet brush sets, produced, and how are they obtained? Cetin Plastik, one of the best manufacturers in Turkey in this field, has 15 different types of toilet brushes in its product portfolio.

The toilet brush usually consists of a round-shaped and long-handled stiff bristle tip.Although toilet brushes today are usually made of plastic, they were originally made with wooden handles from the hairs of animals such as pigs, horses, oxen, squirrels and badgers with in a very long time period probably. A toilet brush is completed in seconds with the plastic production today. Hundreds of brush wires are fixed to the body by machines, straightened and placed in boxes.

In recent years, ergonomically designed brushes have been offered in innovative bottom holders to hide germs and other irritants. thTe toilet brush, which is an antibacterial liquid container that allows the brush to be sterilized after each use, is widely used instead of the traditional toilet brushes.

Moreover, ü there are electric toilet brushes today. Brush bristles made of plastic raw material can be fixed to the rotor of a motor that works similar to an electric toothbrush, making it easier to use.

The toilet brush is often used with a toilet cleaner or bleach. The toilet brush should be used to clean the inner surfaces of the Turkish style toilet and the inside of the closet in the European style toilet, which is more commonly used today. It should not be used to clean the toilet seat or the footsteps of the Turkish style toilet.

Finally, we can add that the traditional toilet brush has become more hygienic and suitable for more modern use with many new products. Thus, it is claimed that 99.9 percent of the germs on the floor during and after cleaning can be killed.

10 Essential Cleaning Equipment That Every Home Should Have

Yes, we give you a short list of products. Regardless of whether it is small or large, crowded or single, make sure to have these 10 cleaning tools in your home. You can find almost the entire list in our Flora and Flosoft brands!.

A Good Sponge
It is a cleaning equipment that should always be in several pieces. While it can be a classic sponge, the abrasive side is more common now, especially for tackling dirty surfaces. You can also add sponge cloths or sponges that do not require soap to the list.

The White Dusters
“The Cotton cloth or towels can be found almost everywhere. Auxiliaries that you can know when they are dirty and can be easily bleached and disinfected without spoiling…”

The Microfiber Cloths
If you need a more expert cleaning mode, a few are must-haves, like white towels and microfiber cloths. Increases your cleaning power. Microfiber cloths can usually clean surfaces by themselves or with a little water; It does not leave scratches especially on windows and glass surfaces.

The Floor & Pane Wiper
One of the practical products that should be on the first list at bussinesses and in every houses; It is indispensable for keeping showers free from moisture and mildew. It helps you to easily clean small wet floors in the house. The pane wipers, which are part of your cleaning routine, do great work on windows. If your pane wiper is leaving streaks and not performing as well as before, it’s easy to replace it with an affordable new one.

The Cleaning Bucket & Mop
A cleaning bucket is like a savior. You can store powder, liquid, many detergents, cleaning materials and equipment in it. You can also reach the cleaning that will make the whole floor smell nice with the support of a mop. t is possible to extend the list, such as the swivel head, the tablet version, the 2 or 3 container version.

Spray Bottle
There may also be a special disinfectant prepared for COVID-19 in these days! You can only contribute to many cleanings with such a spray bottle in normal times. If you need to rinse something with water or are trying to make your own cleaner, spray bottles should be on hand.

Bathroom and Kitchen Brush
A sponge or cloth may not always do the job; you need a brush to use it on difficult stains in places such as tiles, bathtubs, sinks. Especially a brush with hard bristles makes your job easier in the bathroom, pay attention to the ergonomic handle! If you don’t want to touch your hands to dirty dishes with a sponge or cloth, specially produced brushes will come to your rescue. A brush is always necessary for the toilet, too.

The Broom & Dustpan
“If you have hard surfaces such as wood, tiles, laminate, you will need some equipment to clean them. The Brooms and dustpans, which provide similar benefits on different floor types, will be of great use to you. You can also use small brushes and dustpans for small dirt on the tabletop and carpet. If you have soil and grass gardens, you can also benefit from longer-handled brushes and dustpans for them.
Çetin Plastik is one of the leading manufacturers in this product group.”

The mop
A good mop is necessary to remove dust from shoes at the entrance of the apartment. The dust will have a tendency to collect in a short time depending on the mobility in the house. If you have children or pets, perhaps the need for a more specialized wet mop will also arise. The mops are one of the indispensable equipment in almost every home with their easy cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner
Do you have a home that doesn’t need the vacuum of handheld or large vacuum cleaners?

A long list for cleanliness and hygiene

Have you ever wondered; How many cleaning and hygiene products do you have in your home? How many cleaning tools, cleaning equipment are there? With which equipment do you clean the kitchen and with what equipment do you clean the bathroom? In fact, what else do you want to have in your hand/home in order to achieve a real cleaning?


If you are undecided, unplanned or have time problems, you can set out with the list we have prepared for you!


What should be in a shopping cart full of cleaning supplies?


  • Broom, soft long brush and dustpan
  • Cleaning bucket and a few mops
  • Buckets and plastic transport boxes
  • Cleaning cloths, dust cloths
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Toilet brush
  • Bath brush
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Foam dispenser
  • Dish soap, dish soap dispenser
  • Dishwasher tablet, rinse aid
  • Floor cleaning liquids
  • Cleaning powders
  • Napkin holder
  • Paper towel holder
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Mobs
  • Car wash brush
  • Trash Can
  • Carpet sweeper
  • Jug
  • WC cover
  • Toilet seat cover
  • Disinfecting cleaners
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Hair removal brushes
  • liquid Glass cleaner
  • Pane Wiper
  • Wood furniture polish and cleaner
  • Stainless steel Floor Wiper
  • Plastic Floor wiper
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Tile, stone, granite cleaner powder
  • Room spray
  • Floor and carpet vacuum cleaner
  • Dish sponge
  • Oven cleaner
  • Rust remover
  • Degreaser
  • Vacuum bags
  • Garbage bags

And many more equipment and materials. Let us remind you that you can find many of them at Çetin Plastik!